At UAalim, our instructors are truly our most valuable partners. So our partnership model is designed so that UAalim only succeeds when you, the instructor, succeed.

There is no fee to create and host your courses, and you can publish either free or paid courses. UAalim shares in our instructors' success by operating under a revenue share for paid courses sold. We believe in a sustainable partnership where instructors are rewarded for creating amazing content and bringing students to the platform, and UAalim is rewarded for driving traffic to our instructors.

We want you to succeed and make more income. Lets brain storm following scenarios :-

  1. 70% revenue share (minus hosting commission & fees ) on sales made by instructors where the student makes the purchase using an Instructor Coupon (either at full price or at a discount).
  2. You will get amount 70% of (100% - Affiliate Commission %) In case student enrolled via affiliate reference either from your effort or our marketing effort.

Numbers make your head spin? Well, here are a few examples to make it clear:

So what's this all mean for you?

The key thing to keep in mind is that if you're spending your time doing what you do best -- creating high quality courses and getting students excited about your course.

In the meantime, UAalim will be hard at work growing the marketplace, expanding your potential audience, and delivering you results. Instructor success boils down to one simple equation:


UAalim really shines at growing the marketplace and expanding your potential audience, and this instructor revenue share allows us to invest heavily in aggressively marketing on your behalf. You'll be able to track your sales and accounting.

You may need to open (MoneyBooker). We issue payment every 30 - 45 days cycle. Contact support if you need further details.

We're thrilled to partner with you to truly change the game in Islamic Online Education, and make sure that muslims worldwide have a chance to Never. Stop. Learning.