There's never been a better time to teach online! Designing an online course is easy - just follow these 4 steps to make sure create a great online course.

Step 1: Plan Your Course

Planning is key to online teaching. Not only will it save you countless production hours, it will also help create an organized and effective online learning experience. Overall, your course should be a progressive series of independent Lectures (or standalone lessons) that help students achieve the online course goal.

To help plan your online course, follow the guidelines below.

Course Details

  • Write a general summary of your online course.
  • Define your course goal and objectives, intended audience, requirements, and instructional level.

Course Curriculum

  • Create an outline that is organized by "Sections" with individual "Lectures". Instruction in your online Lectures should be sequential, logical, and consistent under each Section.
  • Have a minimum of 1 section and 5 lectures in your course and include at least 30 minutes of content (60% video lectures, each between 2 - 20 minutes in length).
  • Have short, descriptive titles for Sections and Lectures.
  • List specific learning outcomes for each Lecture description.
  • Add activities or assessments to reinforce previous learning (e.g. questions, projects, exercises, "Quiz").
  • Include an Introductory and Concluding Lecture.

Step 2: Create Your Course Content

Here is where you'll get your hands dirty by creating new course materials or modifying existing ones. You will need to choose the best way to discuss your Lecture topic but do note: we recommends that your course consists of at least 60% video lecture content (includes screencasts) and has a mix of different content types for differentiated instruction. UAalim also allows Downloadable Files and videos imported from other sites (e.g. YouTube, Slideshare, Vimeo) so keep it in mind for supplementary materials. When developing video content, including screencasts, be mindful of:

Lighting - keep it bright and balanced. 

Audio - use a quality microphone and make sure your audio is clear, crisp, and audible. 

Video - use high resolution 720p or HD (most modern smartphones and digital cameras can record in 720p or higher), have a clean background, good framing, make sure everything is legible, and aim for 2-15 minutes in length (will vary based on your content). 

Type - keep files to a 1.0 GiB file size limit, use .mp4, .mov, or .flv file format, and use widescreen 16:9 ratio even though 4:3 is accepted.

Under "Promo Video" - Start by recording a 1-minute introductory or promotional video that introduces yourself, your qualifications, the goal of your course, how the online course will be taught, and who will benefit by taking your online course. Perfect the audio, video, lighting, and background now before you record the entirety of your online course. It'll save you a ton of time!

Next, go ahead and create any new materials (Video, Audio, Presentation, Document, Text, Mashup) and don't forget a beautiful, high resolution, and suitable course Image (min. 480x270, recommended 960x540).

 Once you are done creating your content, go to Step 3 to publish your online course.

Step 3: Publish Your Online Course

Once you have designed or prepared your course content, you will be ready to upload and publish an online course on the our platform. The process is very easy, but here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Use the Curriculum Builder to add new add and existing materials (including Mashups).
  • Add useful supplementary material (i.e. presentation slides, readings, Zip file, resources).

To get your course ready for the world, make sure you:

  • Add an amazing instructor bio (including image) that explains your experience and expertise under My Profile.
  • Have a beautiful, high resolution, and suitable course image (dimensions: Min. 480x270, Rec. 960x540).
  • Have all information completed under Basics and Details.
  • Include at minimum 1 Section and 5 Lectures with at least 30 minutes of content (60% video lectures).
  • Confirm the Privacy settings and Price & Promotions.