A course bundle involves grouping multiple courses into a single "bundle" you can sell all at once. Course bundles are usually discounted from the combined price of the individual courses included to encourage larger purchases. 

For an example of how a bundle works, imagine you have two courses: Quran Reading Basics: Quran Reading Advance

Each course sells individually for $30. In this case, you could create a bundle called The Definitive Guide to Quran Reading containing both courses that students could purchase for a grand total $50. This bundle groups together related courses that the same group of students might want to take, and they're incentivized to purchase the bundle because they receive a $10 discount.

As with individual courses, course bundles can be sold for a one-time fee or on a subscription plan. Another popular pricing strategy is to create a Subscription Bundle for ALL the courses on your site that allows students to enrol in all of your courses for a fixed monthly fee. 

 You can set up a course bundle by going to your course view and clicking the Bundle Contents link on the left nav:

For a student who has yet to sign up, here's how it would look on the course bundle page:

Each of the course images links to a particular course. Once a student enrol, here's how they'll be able to access the bundled course content: