Adding a quiz to your course can be a quick way to engage your audience, summarize essential information and check in on how well your students are learning. 

 Here’s how a quiz will look inside of your course:-


  • Enter your Teachable account and choose your Course. Go into Syllabus and choose the Lecture you want to add a quiz to.

  • Once you click this tab, you’ll be prompted to add questions. Once you click TAB button you can add new row to more answer.

  • Click the box on the left to select a correct answer. You may select more than one answer. Notice the box in the upper right-hand corner that reads “This quiz will be graded.”

We have two options for you. A non-graded quiz can be taken multiple times. Answers are immediately shown to students as they take the quiz. Final score is reported. This is a low-pressure way to help students take away key points from your course. 

A graded quiz can’t be retaken and your students can only take it once. Students will not see results until they finish their quiz, and at this point they will see their score. Adding pressure to your quiz communicates that your content is important and necessary to progress through your class. 

  • This is how your screen will look as you continue to add questions:-

  • You’ll notice that a Quiz section has been added to your course. You can position it before or after other course sections.

  • You can preview how your quiz will look in your course by clicking the preview button at the top of your course page:-

You can add a quiz to as many lectures as you’d like.