When someone visits one of your courses, they're taken to the "sales page" or, in other words, the course landing page. 

For example, the sales page of the course "How to Price Your Online Course" looks like this: 

Responding to requests for further customization on this page, we’re releasing a new feature that allows you to create “blocks” on your sales page.  

Each block is a small part of the page that you can edit to include testimonials, introduce new authors, detail additional information or even add images. Your blocks are self-contained in that the editing and formatting within one doesn’t affect another. Additionally, editing these blocks within one course doesn’t affect your other courses.

You’ll find the new feature when you run your cursor over the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines. A grey box reading “insert new block” will pop up.

We’ve give you 5 new options for formatting your block. 

Add an HTML Block The HTML block lets you input any HTML you’d lIke. What you do with this is endless. You can code in text with the specific formatting you choose, or embed new features if you’d like.

Add Rich Text Block A rich text box is a human friendly text editor. 

It allows you to write anything you want and format the text using intuitive commands like bold, underline, and italics from the toolbar. You can compare this WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor to the kind of text editor found in WordPress, Gmail and Word.

Add Liquid Block - HTML and template system 

A liquid block enables you to access custom liquid attributes and filters. You’re probably a developer of some sort if you’re using this feature, but if you want to read up on what “liquid” attributes are, check out the website liquid.org.

Add Background Image Block 

The name of this feature is fairly intuitive in that it allows you to add a background image to your sales page. Including an image can increase visual appeal and the uniqueness of your course.


There are two additional block customization tools within this option.

Add Embedded Form 

In the embedded form block, we pre-fill code from MailChimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, or GetResponse, which are all e-marketing tools frequently used by our instructors. Asked repeatedly for integrations, we made it simple for you to work with these tools.

You no longer need to copy and paste code from these third party affiliates, rather you simply need to fill in information within the HTML. We’ve clearly labeled where these spots are within the code and prompt you with what kind of information is needed.

Add Testimonial 

This feature is pretty straight-forward. It allows you to include testimonials endorsing your course. This is great social proof and adds validity to your content.

If you clicked the wrong block type or simply want to delete your new block, that’s not a problem.

Click the trash can in the right-hand corner.

You can create as many blocks as you like and customize their order on the page by running your cursor over the centre of the block and dragging them above or below already existing blocks.