If your credit card rejected, please review details options below :


  • First and foremost: 
    Try another card. Nine times out of ten, a card getting rejected is due to a problem with that particular card. Switching to a debit card or other credit card is far and away the quickest way to solve the issue. 
  • Second:
    if you don't have another card or you are still experiencing problems with another card, you can use PayPal as a temporary workaround. Please note that PayPal can only be used to pay for courses that are one-time (not subscription) payments in USD. 
  • Third:
    Contact your bank. The most common reason we see for cards getting rejected is due to how their bank interacts with our third-party payment processor, Stripe or others. The bank will be able to explain why an order isn't going through and will be better equipped than anybody to solve any issue. 

Please note: Charge declines come from the bank that issued the card (not from our payment processors), and generally do not indicate the reason for the decline. This means, unfortunately, that we do not have information about the decline, and that the customer must inquire with their bank to determine the reason and resolution. 

If the issue is still not resolved, or if you are seeing lots of people have issues with their cards all at once, please send a message immediately to support@uaalim.com

In the email, give as much information as you can, including the country of the issuing bank, the student's location, whether alternate methods of payment work, and any other information that might be helpful to us.